Promoting Gum Health Through Diet

At Jowett & Lewis Family Dentistry in Topeka, KS, Dr. Andrew Lewis, DDS, and Dr. Ted A. Jowett, DDS, understand that a holistic approach to oral health includes not just dental care but also lifestyle choices, particularly diet. Gum health is integral to overall dental health, and certain foods can play a crucial role in maintaining healthy gums.

The Connection Between Diet and Gum Health

Gum health is directly affected by the nutrients you consume. A diet lacking essential vitamins and minerals can lead to weakened gums and, subsequently, gum disease. Conversely, a balanced diet rich in specific nutrients can bolster gum health and prevent periodontal diseases.

Nutrients Essential for Gum Health

  1. Vitamin C: Vital for gum health, it strengthens the gums and the soft tissue in the mouth. Foods rich in Vitamin C include oranges, strawberries, and bell peppers.
  2. Calcium: Essential for strong teeth, calcium also benefits the gums. Dairy products, leafy greens, and almonds are excellent calcium sources.
  3. Vitamin D: It helps in reducing the risk of gum disease, available in fatty fish, fortified foods, and through sunlight exposure.

Foods to Avoid for Healthy Gums

  • Sugary Foods and Drinks: Excessive sugar consumption can lead to plaque buildup, a leading cause of gum disease.
  • Acidic Foods: Foods with high acidity can erode tooth enamel and irritate the gums.
  • Starchy Foods: Starchy foods can stick to teeth and gums, promoting plaque formation.

The Role of Hydration

Hydration also plays a key role in combating dry mouth, a condition that can increase the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Adequate water intake ensures that the mouth remains moist, providing an environment that helps to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Furthermore, when water contains fluoride, it can help to remineralize teeth, adding an extra layer of defense against dental issues that could affect the gums.

Regular Dental Care and Diet

While diet plays a significant role in gum health, it must be complemented with regular dental care. Regular Dental Exams and Cleaning help in removing plaque and tartar that can’t be eliminated by brushing and diet alone.

Advanced Gum Disease Treatment

For those already experiencing gum issues, Jowett & Lewis Family Dentistry offers specialized Periodontal Treatments. These treatments, combined with a nutritious diet, can effectively manage and reverse the effects of gum disease.

A Comprehensive Approach to Gum Health

Dr. Andrew Lewis and Dr. Ted A. Jowett advocate for a comprehensive approach to oral health, emphasizing the importance of diet alongside regular dental care. By making informed dietary choices, you can significantly contribute to the health of your gums and overall oral wellness.


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